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Linux itself is also only a kernel per se. Raspbian is the OS. He is not confused. I would like to run macosX on a PI too, and I know the difference. I would also like to run rosetta.

Get some Apple in your Raspberry Pi

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Sonic Pi in the

If it doesn't, try another link listed as 'mirror' from the same page. These mirrors are different servers on the internet that host the same file so that the download burden is shared.

The GUI: An Admin Account and a Utility Walk Into A Bar

The download is usually around MB, and should only take a few minutes with a good connection, although the speed is often more limited by the mirror rather than your connection. Current page: Get prepared.

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Any DMs sent on Twitter will be answered next month. This is a doctor free zone. Without JIT it is unusable slow Don't expect wonders Quote Sat Jun 27, am viewtopic. Quote Sat Jun 27, am See post above..

How to Setup a Raspberry Pi AFP Server - Pi My Life Up

Slow as hell but it works. I am trying to speed it up with the JIT-compiler so far it seems to crash at boot up.. If I get around this mouse movement and Finder should work fluidly. You, perhaps, mean the graphical interface in OSX, which you will absolutely not be able to get. In that case, you might want to look at some linux desktop environments that have been tuned to feel and look like the OSX GUI, "Aqua" is it called?

How to get Docker running on your Raspberry Pi using Mac OS X

So, perhaps think about which aspects of that graphical desktop environment you like and try to implicate them in linux. Maybe you'll create something of your own that you like even more Quote Sun Jun 28, pm In reply to the OP, one big advantage of all unix and linux is that there are portable, build a kernal and recompile all the sources and after tweaking you can move any distro to a new platform regardless of CPU, assuming the sources are available and they do not break hardware abstraction.

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  • Apple took from memory BSD which they tweaked and added their own stuff to,all of which is owned by Apple.